• Football and Beginner Football

  • Football (JULY 12 - 16) (9 AM - 3 PM)

    Whether you’re an experienced football player or you want to try football for the first time, this is the camp to get you ready for the upcoming season. The Spartan Football Camp is designed specifically to teach young players entering grades 3 through 8 for the upcoming school year, proper techniques and fundamentals of football. Players will be placed in groups according to age and/or ability. The camp features a fantastic group of teachers, coaches, and players who know how to make the game of football fun and exciting. This is a non-contact camp emphasizing running, receiving, throwing, blocking, and Heads Up Form Tackling. The camp will also emphasize specific football agility and stretching drills to improve speed and quickness. Chalk talk sessions will feature discussions on the rules of the game, play design, teamwork, commitment, and leadership. Afternoon sessions will feature 7 on 7 football games that will highlight the skills learned in camp.

  • Daily Football Camp Schedule

    9:00                    Camp Arrival/Attendance
    9:10                    Dynamic Warm-up and Stretch
    9:30 - 10:15        Offensive/Defensive Skill Work
    10:15 - 10:25      Break
    10:25 - 10:50      Chalk Talk (Coach Instruction inside)
    10:50 - 11:25      Combined Group Instruction
    11:25 - 11:55       Camp Competition
    12:00 - 1:00        Lunch and Video
    1:00 - 1:20          Dynamic Warm-up and Stretch
    1:20 - 1:50          Special Teams/Heads Up Tackling Circuit
    1:50 - 2:00          Break
    2:00 - 2:55          7 on 7 Games
    3:00                    Departure

    Cost: $220.00 which includes a $75 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to tuition.

  • Beginner Football (July 6 - 9) (9AM - NOON)

    Not old enough to attend the Spartan Football Camp? No problem. The Spartan Beginner Football Camp is specifically designed for young football players who are 6 or 7 years of age, and will run for half-day sessions (9:00-12:00). This is a non-contact football camp. The camp will work on teaching the fundamentals of playing football such as throwing, catching, kicking, punting, blocking, running, and form tackling. The camp will also emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun. Players will be placed in small groups to practice these various techniques and skills. A snack should be packed for the break that is provided each day in the middle of camp.

    Cost: $140.00 which includes a $75 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to tuition.

  • Joe Wright - Camp Director

    Joe Wright is just finished up his second year as the head coach of the Spartans.He is the first alumni to be named head football coach. Joe was the starting quarterback for the Spartans and graduated in 2004. During his senior season, he was named Gatorade Player of theYear and State Offensive Player of the Year to go along with 1st Team All-State and 1st Team All-Conference. Joe was also awarded the Michael DeLucia Sportsmanship award. After St. Mark's, Joe went on and played quarterback at West Chester University where he was the starting quarterback and Captain of the football team. Since graduating, Joe has coached at the high school and college levels. All of this experience, along with running youth football camps for OHP Football, will allow your child have their skills developed in a fun and active environment.